Interview with Space’s Brad Gibson

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To celebrate the release of our official music video, interviewed Space’s Brad Gibson.  The interview is great, and gives a lot of insight into the creation of the band, and the collaborations that took place to create the new self titled album SPACE.

You can read the entire article HERE, but below you will find a short excerpt.



AXS: For you as composers, do you work off any themes, emotions, a single event or memorable person, or does the music just flow and you have to keep up with it?

BG: Sometimes it flows, sometimes it ebbs. The writing process for this album was more of, Let’s get in the room and start playing. Oh! That’s cool — let’s work that. Once we had the general idea, we demoed the songs with Jason Gray at Blue Mallard and then once we had those tracks, the song titles revealed themselves. The song title was the only cue we gave to Jimmie and Inferknow. We told them, “This song is called _____. Whatever that means to you is great!”

AXS: You mean, you didn’t even give them the music to work off of? They must’ve blown your minds. Did you have any preconception of what Herrod and Inferknow would do with the songs? Herrod’s “Drive On” is deeper than the music would initially show, touching on a universal topic that crosses over into the online world of social media and easy relationships — with a warmth cutting through the feeling of betrayal. Inferknow showcases modern poetry and rhyme in action, with an underlying, quick-witted narrative worthy of the quiet rebellion of Victorian era writers — and he pours his own jovial personality into the rap.

BG: To clarify, we did give demos of the songs to both Herrod and Inferknow! The fun of these collaborations (and in general) is the mystery that the other party will bring. We didn’t want to micro-manage the people we asked to be on this journey, because they weren’t people we were auditioning at a cattle call. We weren’t asking them to apply for a job. We asked our collaborators based on our experience with and knowledge of their craft. Within that, we definitely loved the fact that Herrod, Inferknow, Dave Peterson, and our engineer Mell Dettmer all had a sense of curiosity, adventure, always seeking to make the song “right.”



Read the full article here:


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The SPACE defined by your INFLUENCE.
The SPACE carved out by EFFORT.
The SPACE separating PEOPLE.
The SPACE where something GROWS.
The SPACE that’s SAFE.
The SPACE where something’s MISSING.
The SPACE you use to HURT SOMEONE.
The SPACE begging to be EXPLORED.
The SPACE that SAYS everything.
The SPACE that’s OUTER.
The SPACE that’s INSIDE.
The SPACE you EMPTY of worry.
The SPACE that’s NEXT.





Poem by Thomas Grout

New Album Review: Carol Weber from!

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The new Space album recently got reviewed by Carol Banks Weber, writer for

Weber writes: “Every song is a must for even the average clubber looking to cop a fleeting mood, because of that infectious, futuristic dance beat and the lyrical hooks. Every song also is a complete package, taken as a piece to vibe off, or in place of a script in a sci-fi version of Cameron Crowe’s 1992 “Singles,” the sequel (if he were so inclined).”

If that was not enough encouragement to go read the FULL ARTICLE maybe this quote will inspire you!

“… this might be what aliens would vibe to if they found our planet after the Big Bang, the ultimate groove time capsule. Or machines took over, trying to replicate human form.”

We are pleased that we got such a rad review from Carol, and we hope to hear more positive feedback from our fans and local press.  It is always a pleasure to hear people enjoy listening to the music because we really enjoyed making it all!

You can read the full article using the link below.

Debut album coming September 27th, 2016!

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Coming soon!  The debut album of the band SPACE will be released on September 27th, 2016.  Make sure to purchase your copy through our website by clicking ‘Buy Now’!

SPACE is a collaboration between keyboardist Mack Grout and drummer Brad Gibson. Inviting musicians to contribute their expertise, the duo explores the many frontiers of time, space, and human experience.