about the band

A cool photo of Brad and Mack hard at work pondering hip grooves.

Space is a collaboration between keyboardist Mack Grout and drummer Brad Gibson. Forming in late 2015 to begin the journey of writing original music, the duo extended their trip into the recording studio in early 2016.

The debut album from Space is a pop exploration of jazz, rock, r&b, and hip hop. A soundtrack for the late night city dweller heading downtown in a shared ride, ear buds flaring. Or perhaps our listener is relaxing in their urban one bedroom, chatting with friends old-school IRC style.

From day one, the modus operandi of Space has been to invite musicians to contribute their expertise to the music they create. Through this process, Space explores the many frontiers of time, space, and human experience. The songs on this album contain themes of unrequited love, delusion and self-improvement, friendship amidst the adversity of everyday life. Space is a canvas for the listener. The debut album from Space features vocalists Jimmie Herrod (“Drive On,” “Hey Girl!”) and Inferknow (“Space Space”), and guitarist Dave Peterson.

Friends of Space…

Thomas Carlyle, the Scottish philosopher and great mind of the 19th century said “The lightning spark of thought generated in the solitary mind awakens its likeness in another mind.” When Space was formed, collaboration was one of the core defining values and motivations of the band. Space has an amazing team of artists that have helped the formation of the band using their personal expertise and talents.

Jimmie Herrod helped to compose and write lyrics on the songs Drive On and Hey Girl! He is an amazing vocal talent, and you can hear him sing on those tracks respectively.

The incredible MC Inferknow (Matthew Powell) can be heard rapping his rhymes on the song Space Space.

Dave Peterson played guitar on the record. The album would not be the same without his ripping guitar solos.

Mell Dettmer recorded and mixed the record at Studio Soli.

Doug Krebs mastered the record.

Kitt Bender directed, produced and edited the music video to Drive On.

Jason Gray recorded the demos that were used to finalize the compositions at his studio, Blue Mallard Recording.

Deybis Abril realized the band photograph.

Claire Simon is the awesome graphic designer, whose work can be seen on the album cover, as well as all over the Space website, Facebook page and merchandise.

Thomas Grout wrote the poem “Space”, which perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the record.

Thank you all for putting your hearts into this project with us. Your talent and hard work is dearly appreciated, we could not have done it without you. We are incredibly lucky to have such friends and teammates as yourselves.

Mack and Brad